Get Rich or Lie Tryin': Climate Hustler Marc Morano

If you've ever turned on the TV and seen a charismatic, boyish, conservative looking man yelling at scientists in an animated fashion, there's a good chance it was Marc Morano.

Marc's new movie, Climate Hustle, is slated for release during global climate change negotiations next month. As in past years, Marc Morano will be among a contingent of a dying breed of science deniers attending the COP with the simple intention of interference.

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Exxon Continues to Fund Climate Science Denial

Guest Post by Cindy Baxter. Originally posted to Climate Investigations Center.

In the wake of Inside Climate News and the LA Times’ investigations into ExxonMobil’s climate science,  the company has been terribly busy telling the world that it stands by its scientific work.

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Richard Keil, known as Dick or "Stretch," is a well connected ex-journalist turned PR spokesperson.

He has led ExxonMobil's PR team as Senior Advisor for Global Public Affairs since 2013. Prior to Exxon, Keil worked for Purple Strategies, A powerful bipartisan PR firm. At Purple Strategies, he defended BP during the DeepWater Horizon oil spill. Before Purple Strategies, he worked for Public Strategies inc, from 2007 to 2010. 

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$830,000 Dirty Dollars Fuel the Ohio Energy Mandates Study Committee

A wolf pack of in-state utilities and out-of-state petrochemical billionaires has attacked Ohio's clean energy law, threatening to kill clean jobs and wreak further damage on the environment.  

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Exxon's decades of advertising against climate change science

This week, Inside Climate News has published some new revelations about one of the world’s biggest oil companies: that scientists working for Exxon knew about climate change as early as 1977. 

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